Wireless Internet

With Magtech's Internet Service you get secure, reliable, and cost effective Internet Access that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and operates at bandwidths up to 78 Mbps.

Customers must be able to achieve line of site to one of our many service towers. These towers are simply a series of antennas that are mounted high above the ground and connected back to our main offices. Customers subscribing to our service only need to install a receiving antenna on outside of their home or office in order to receive Wireless Internet Access.

No phone lines are needed to connect the Internet so there are no busy signals and no second phone lines to pay for. Wireless Internet is not subject to the limited distance restrictions of DSL and Magtech currently has wireless customers connected over 40 kilometers away from our towers (access points).

Most customers can install our equipment in their home in approximately 90 minutes, but should you wish to have an installer do it most installations are can be completed within one week of your order. Sometimes, special consideration needs to be taken into account for wiring, special order equipment, etc.. There is an additional installation fee for an installer to come to your site and install the equipment.

Contact Magtech for a Site Survey which maybe necessary (Fee Applicable) in order to determine if we are able to provide Wireless Internet Service to your home or office.

Wireless Coverage Map

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